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The New York Judiciary

Albany is the capital city of New York. The state's high court is the Court of Appeals and it is located at 20 Eagle Street in the capital. The court has a chief judge and six associate judges, each appointed to a 14-year term. Most cases heard by the high court are appeals from lower courts.

The intermediate Appellate Courts consist of four Appellate Divisions of the "Supreme Court" (explained below)--one in each of the State's four Judicial Departments. These Courts can hear appeals of decisions made Superior Courts and made by County Courts acting as appeals courts.

Trial Courts in the New York State Unified Court System include the Supreme Courts, the Court of Claims, Family Courts, and Surrogate’s Courts. Additionally, County Courts generally handle criminal matters except in New York City where the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over both civil and criminal cases.

In New York City, the NYC Criminal Court and NYC Civil Court are trial courts of limited jurisdiction.

Outside of New York City, are City Courts, which are trial courts of limited jurisdiction over misdemeanors and lesser offenses, and over civil claims up to $15,000. In Nassau County and some parts of Suffolk County, courts of equivalent limited jurisdiction are called District Courts.

Supreme Court has a separate Commercial Division where much business litigation occurs.

New York has a distinct State Court of Claims for filing civil grievances against the State of New York and certain other state entities.

Town Courts and Village Courts are often the original trial court in New York's justice system. These courts hear vehicle and traffic matters, small claims, evictions, and certain other civil matters and criminal offenses.

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