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The Indiana Judiciary

Indiana's state Supreme Court is located in the capital city of Indianapolis and and has five justices appointed by the governor. After an initial two-year term justices are subsequently retained by public election for 10-year terms.

The Court of Appeals hears appeals from lower courts and has five districts, each having three judges.

The Tax Court is located in Indianapolis and hears initial appeals from state taxpayers regarding the state's tax laws. Appeals of Tax Court decisions go directly to the Supreme Court.

Indiana's Superior Courts and Circuit Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction for civil and criminal cases. Each county has a circuit court or else shares one with a neighboring county, and most Indiana counties have a superior court in addition to their circuit court. A very few counties still have a County Court which has not been converted into a superior court. County Courts have limited jurisdiction.

There is one distinct Probate Court remaining in Indiana. It is located in St. Joseph County, and it also has jurisdiction over juvenile cases.

City Courts, and Town Courts may be created by local ordinance to handle minor offenses such as violations of city ordinances, misdemeanors, and traffic offenses. Currently, there are about 75 of them.

Marion County has a separate Small Claims Court. Other counties typically handle small claims as a division of superior or circuit court.

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