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The Illinois Judiciary

Springfield is the capital of Illinois. The state Supreme Court is located in the capital. There are seven justcies.

The Appellate Court hears appeals from circuit courts. There are five appellate districts. District One is Cook County which includes the Chicago metropolitan area. Districts 2 through 5 include multiple counties and are laid out geographically from North to South in lateral slices across the state.

There are 21 Circuit Courts. These are the trial courts of original jurisdiction for most civil and criminal cases. Circuit courts have two types of judges: circuit judges and associate judges. Circuit judges can hear any type of case. Associate judges may not try criminal cases punishable by prison terms of one year or more without approval from the supreme court.

Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILCS 5/1-2) grants "home rule" municipalities administrative authority to adjudicate municipal code violations and minor traffic violations. (State constitution Article VII Section 6 defines rules for cities and counties that are and/or can qualify as "home rule" units.)

State Supreme Court
Illinois Supreme Court
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Cook County
1st Judicial Circuit (Jackson County)
2nd Judicial Circuit
6th Judicial Circuit (Macon County)
7th Judicial Circuit (Sangamon County)
8th Judicial Circuit (Adams County)
11th Judicial Circuit (McLean County)
14th Judicial Circuit
15th Judicial Circuit (Ogle County)
16th Judicial Circuit
17th Judicial Circuit
18th Judicial Circuit (DuPage County)
19th Judicial Circuit
21st Judicial Circuit

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