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The Georgia Judiciary

Georgia's state Supreme Court is located in the capital city of Atlanta and has seven justices elected to six-year terms in nonpartisan, statewide elections. Having general appellate jurisdiction over many types of cases, it is the state's court of last resort . The high court has exclusive appellate jurisdiction in cases of election contest and questions of constitutionality of law.

The Court of Appeals is located in the State Judicial Building in Atlanta and is comprised of twelve judges elected by the people to six-year terms. The appellate court has jurisdiction of all appeals except questions involving constitutionality, land title disputes, wills, murder, election contests, habeas corpus, extraordinary remedies, divorce/alimony, and cases where the original appellate jurisdiction is under the superior courts.

The Superior Court is Georgia's trial court of general jurisdiction. Each county seat has its own Superior Court. The state's 49 judicial circuits are composed of from one to eight counties and are organized into 10 districts.

State Courts have countywide jurisdiction over misdemeanors, traffic cases, and any civil actions where the Superior Court does not have exclusive jurisdiction. They can hear applications for search and arrest warrants and can hold preliminary hearings.

Magistrate Courts have jurisdiction over civil claims up to $15,000, certain minor criminal offenses including county ordinance violations, preliminary hearings, and warrants.

Juvenile Courts have original jurisdiction of delinquent children and concurrent jurisdiction with Superior Courts in felony, parental rights, child custody and support cases.

County Probate Courts have jurisdiction over the probate of wills, estate administration, guardianship appointments, and involuntary hospitalization.

Municipal Courts of incorporated cities and towns try local ordinance violations, and may conduct preliminary hearings and issue criminal warrants. Muni courts may have concurrent jurisdiction over shoplifting offenses and cases of marijuana possession of one ounce or less.

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