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The Florida Judiciary

The Florida State Courts System is comprised of the state Supreme Court, five District Courts of Appeal, and twenty judicial circuits each having Circuit and County courts.

Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. The state Supreme Court is located in the capital. It has seven justices who review capital death penalty cases from the circuit courts and questions of law from the District Courts of Appeal. Justices are initially appointed by the governor, and their continued service is subject to a public statewide retention election every six years.

The appellate courts of Florida are divided into five districts headquartered in Tallahassee, Lakeland, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Daytona Beach. Each district has a District Court of Appeals which has jurisdiction to hear appeals from judgments and non-final orders from lesser courts in the state and can review certain actions taken by state agencies.

Circuit Courts have general trial jurisdiction over a wide range of civil and criminal matters, and they can also hear appeals from County Court cases. Each of Florida's 20 judicial circuits has a State Attorney to prosecute criminal charges and an office of Public Defender to defend indigent criminal defendants.

County Courts handles civil disputes up to $15,000 and minor criminal and traffic offenses. Florida has 67 counties, and each has a county court.

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Florida Supreme Court
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County Courts
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