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The Delaware Judiciary

The Delaware Court system includes the Supreme Court, Court of Chancery, Superior Court, Family Court, Court of Common Pleas, Justice of the Peace Courts, and Alderman's Courts.

Dover is the capital city of Delaware. The state Supreme Court is located in Wilmington and is the state's high court. It hears appeals from lower state courts and has discretionary power to issue certain judicial writs.

The Court of Chancery has original jurisdiction for all equity matters, primarily dealing with corporations. Delaware is the home of many national corporations because of its favorable business laws.

The Superior Court has original jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases (except equity cases which are handled by the Court of Chancery and family matters handled by Family Court). Superior Court also hears appeals from certain cases of lower courts.

The Family Court has jurisdiction over family matters including divorce, child custody, intrafamily misdemeanors, and over all juvenile matters except murder, rape, and kidnapping. It can issue domestic violence protective orders.

The Court of Common Pleas hears civil cases up to $50,000, misdemeanors other than certain drug-related and traffic offenses, and handles preliminary hearings in felony cases. Traffic offenses in New Castle County can now be brought to the Court of Common Pleas' "Traffic Court" for defendants willing to transfer their cases from Justice of the Peace Courts and Alderman's Courts.

A Justice of the Peace Court hear civil cases under $15,000, and non-felony criminal and traffic offenses. It also hears landlord/tenant possession cases.

Alderman's Courts are municipal courts similar to Justice of the Peace Courts, but they also have jurisdiction over local ordinances.

State Supreme Court
Delaware Supreme Court
Court of Chancery
Delaware Court of Chancery
Superior Court
Delaware Superior Court
Family Court
Delaware Family Court
Court of Common Pleas
Delaware Court of Common Pleas
Justice of the Peace Court
Delaware Justice of the Peace Court
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Alderman's Courts
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