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The Colorado Judiciary

The state court system in Colorado consists of the Supreme Court, a Court of Appeals, District Courts, and County Courts.

Denver is the capital city of Colorado. Denver is also a county, and its county court functions as both as a county court and a municipal court and is funded locally.

Both the state Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are located in the Colorado State Judicial Building in Denver.

The Colorado Supreme Court is the state’s court of last resort. Appeals from lower courts in Colorado may be brought to this court. The state high court has seven justices. When there is a vacancy, a justice is appointed by the governor from two or three candidates recommended by a nominating commission. Their initial term is a provisional two-year term. Thereafter, voters elect whether or not to retain each judge for subsequent 10-year terms.

The Colorado Court of Appeals is the state’s intermediate appellate court. It consists of 16 justices retained (or not) by voters in general elections to serve eight-year terms. The Court of Appeals hears appeals of decisions from lower courts as well as from certain administrative boards and agencies.

District Courts handle felony criminal matters, civil claims, family matters and other cases. Colorado has 22 judicial districts drawn along county lines, but a majority of districts include multiple counties. Seven Water Courts, which are district court divisions, have jurisdiction over water rights.

County Courts try civil cases up to $15,000, misdemeanors, and traffic cases. And they handle bond settings, preliminary hearings and "felony advisements". They also have the power to issue search warrants and domestic restraining orders. Each of Colorado's 64 counties has a county court.

Municipal Courts are locally funded courts with jurisdiction limited to municipal ordinance violations.

For additional details about the Colorado Court System, we recommend this excellent write-up by Weld County.

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