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The Arizona Judiciary

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. The state Supreme Court is located in the capital and has five justices appointed by the governor for terms of 6 years. The high court has jurisdiction to hear appeals from lesser state courts as well as the power to issue certain writs.

The Arizona Court of Appeals hears appeals from lower courts for both civil and criminal cases except that death penalty cases go to the Arizona Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeals is divided into two divisions. Division One is located in Phoenix and has 16 judges. Division Two is located in Tucson and has 6 judges. Cases are decided by panels of three judges.

Superior Courts are the court of original jurisdiction for many criminal and civil cases. Inferior courts (Justice and City courts) may try misdemeanor offenses where maximum penalty is six months in jail and $2,500 fine.

Justice of the Peace courts are county courts of limited jurisdiction which try civil cases up to $10,000, small claims without attorneys, traffic and misdemeanor violations outside city limits, evictions and preliminary hearings.

City Courts handle traffic and misdemeanor violations inside city limits, parking and violations of city ordinance, and city/county orders of protection.

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