Privacy Policy

COURTS.US respects your right to privacy. We do not sell, rent or trade personally identifiable information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

We do not collect any personally identifiable information (such as names or email addresses) unless you specifically decide to provide such information (such as by emailing us or by entering your email address in our suggestion form). We do not sell, rent or trade any personally identifiable information you provide when using our website or sending us email.

If you choose to provide us with an email address, we will email a response to your suggestion or inquiry. But we will not continue to send you email unless you explicitly request it (such as subscribing to a newsletter or notification service). You are not required to provide an email address to use our website.

Our web server may ask your browser to save a "cookie" (tiny file) for us on your computer so that when you navigate between pages or between visits to our site we can better track visitor preferences and website performance. Some of our advertisers may also ask your browser to save a cookie when their advertisements are displayed on our web pages. Such advertisers will have their own privacy policies posted on their respective websites. Whether or not your browser actually saves and returns these cookies to the requesting website is usually dependent on the privacy settings you have specified in your browser's internet options tools. Our servers also capture your Internet Protocol (IP) address which is standard practice for most internet sites.

We will cooperate with law enforcement officials conducting any lawful investigation. We will disclose information, including personally identifiable information, data acquired by cookies, and other data, where required by a subpoena, interception order or other lawful process. We also reserve the right to disclose such information when we believe, in our sole judgment and to the extent consistent with applicable law, that such disclosure is necessary to protect the rights or safety of others or to enforce, or protect our rights under this policy and our Terms of Use.

A primary service of this website is to provide links to other websites for specific courts or related specific information. Once you leave the domain, we no longer have control of your browser experience. We have no control over the privacy policies of those websites.